Track Globally with a GSM/GPRS network and GPS Satellite System

Services Overview

Word Wide Tracking
This tracking device is based on GSM/GPRS network and GPS Satellite positioning system, which is widely applied for tracking of car, motorcycle, E-bike and other vehicles due to design of mini size, waterproof and wide voltage input 8-80V..

Clients Relationship
Listing to Voice communication in the car while on motion using your mobile phone, computer system, taplet and any other technology system that can has the ability to use gps or satelite system. Easy save & secure..

sms and web tracking
Recieve instant message (alert) direct in your mobile phone, access the movement of your car online using google map through satelite system on space which will give you 99% accuracy with address..

Risk Management
Alarm: towing alarm; over speed alarm;external power cut alart; geo fence alart. Different Reporting interval based on acc on/off. Dailly report per 24 hours to your mobile phone.

Main Services


Taxi and Fleet

Taxis and other fleet services like van rentals are victims of theft as robbers can ride the vehicles. Aside from stealing money from the driver, they may even steal the car and sell them elsewhere. A GPS tracking system will let taxi operations and fleet service owners know where their vehicles are and locate them if reported stolen.


Shipping Companies

Shipping companies carry a lot of items for clients and deliver them to recipients. As people who promise to handle goods safely, shipping companies and delivery services will be held liable for loss of items. A tracker will ensure that the vehicles arrived at hangars or recipients’ houses, assuring the company that goods are delivered. Due to this device’s importance, a shipping company doesn’t install portable GPS tracker, but more high-end systems that guarantee accurate reports


Expansion services

Construction services carry high volumes of construction materials, which are expensive. Using a GPS tracking system ensures construction services will have the materials at the construction site. Builders are often victims of construction materials theft because of their prices. Knowing where the vehicle is a good way of monitoring construction material deliveries, even if they do it several times in a day.


Bus Companies

Buses, regardless of their destinations, must be monitored to ensure they arrive on time or if they arrive at all. Bus companies have projected travel time when their vehicles should arrive at their destinations. A GPS tracking system helps bus companies monitor their vehicles and send assistance right away in case they met accidents while on the road. If a bus stayed at a place for a long time, the monitoring group can call drives and ask what’s happening then help solve the issue.