Track Globally with a GSM/GPRS network and GPS Satellite System


Nowadays developments of tracking system are more and more quickly, but there is still a problem which prevent from widespread use, it is operation cost. In addtion, the rate of car theft, asset theft, child kidnapping in many countries are increasing at a higher rate. The objective of this research is to reduce the cost of the tracking system using the latest technologies and making it avaiale to common people. Today GSM/GPS trackers used in cars, ambulances, fleets and police vehicles are common in developed countries.

Overview of GPS
GPS is a US owned utility that provides users with positioning, navigation and timing services. This system basically consists of three segments: the space segment, the control segment and user segment. Its uses between 24 and 32 medium earth orbit satellite that transmit microwave signals which enables GPS receivers to determine their current location, time and velocity.
Overview of GSM
Global System for Mobile Communications or GSM, is the world’s most popular standard for mobile telephone systems. The GSM association estimates that 80% of the global mobile market uses the standard. GSM is used by over 1.5 billion people across more than 212 countries and territories. This ubiquity means that subscribers can use their phones throughout the world, enabled by international roaming arrangements between mobile network operators. GSM differs from its predecessor technologies in that both signaling and speech channels are digital. The GSM standard has been an advantage to both consumers, who may benefit from the ability to roam and switch carriers without replacing phones, and also to network operators, who can choose equipment from many GSM equipment vendors.
Overview of the System
This project presents an automotive localization system using GPS and GSM SMS services. The system permits localization of automobile and transmitting the position to the owner on his mobile phone as a short message (SMS) at his request.

This system can be interconnected with the car alarm system and owner on his mobile phone. This tracking system is composed of a GPS receiver, Micro-controller and a GSM receiver gets the location information from satellites in the form of latitude and longitude. The Micro-controller process this information and this processed information is sent to the user/ower using GSM modem.
The System Provides Exposure to the Following Technology:

1. GSM modem
2. GPS receiver
3. Interfacing GSM and microcontroller
4. LCD display
5. Embedded C+ programming for micro-controller
6. Design of PCB
7. Hardware/Firmware design and development

Applications of the System
The presented application is a low cost solution for automobile position and status, very useful in case of car theft situation, for monitoring adolescent drivers by their parents as well as in car tracking system application. The proposed solution can be used in other types of applications.

  • Stolen vehicle recovery
  • Field service management
  • It is used by car rental companies
  • VIP vehicle tracking
  • Child and animal tracking
  • Ambulance tracking
Advantages of the System
To reduce the total system cost, a single GSM/GPRS/GPS module is used instead of separate devices. It requires only external power and an antenna for GPS and GSM. Besides cost, this approach saves extra PCB space of the system. On the other hand, it is integrated with high level python language interpreter. This makes it easy to program, update and optimize the system and additionally save the external controller. Moreover, it saves development time and cost compared to programming and interfacing external controller.
  • It provides more security than any other system
  • Ability to remotely access the system
  • More accurate vehicle positioning is achieved


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